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Meeting date/time: 10/19/2020 7:00 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Virtual Meeting
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20-G-160 1  Reports of Committees - GCREPORT OF THE FINANCE AND CORPORATE SERVICES COMMITTEE DATED OCTOBER 6, 2020 The Report of the Finance and Corporate Services Committee dated October 6, 2020 was received. (File: C05)recommended for receipt (Section "A")  Action details Not available
20-G-161 1  Recommendation - AC/RCFUNDING FOR CORNERSTONE TO RECOVERY - WOMEN'S RESIDENTIAL ADDICTION RECOVERY FACILITY 1. That the City of Barrie provide an interest free loan in the amount of $400,000 to Cornerstone to Recovery to be funded from the Community Benefit Reserve for the purpose of renovating a building to operate a women’s residential addiction recovery facility in Barrie and that the loan be secured against the building and be repaid in equal installments beginning in 2021, over a 20 year period. 2. That Cornerstone to Recovery make best efforts to pursue funding opportunities and if secured repay any outstanding loan payments to the City, upon receipt of funding. recommended for consideration of adoption (Section "B")  Action details Not available
20-G-162 1  Recommendation - AC/RCMEMORANDUM FROM W. COOKE, DIRECTOR OF LEGISLATIVE AND COURT SERVICES DATED MARCH 9, 2020 REGARDING A RESPONSE TO MOTIONS 19-G-218 AND 19-G-255 - NOISE BY-LAW ENFORCEMENT That the memorandum from W. Cooke, Director of Legislative and Court Services dated March 9,2020 regarding a response to motions 19-G-218 and 19-G-255 concerning Noise By-law Enforcement be deferred to the next meeting of the Finance and Corporate Services Committee Meeting.recommended for consideration of adoption (Section "B")  Action details Not available
20-G-163 1  Recommendation - AC/RCDRAFT COMMUNITY SAFETY AND WELL-BEING PLAN 1. That the draft Community Safety Well-Being Plan as presented by A. Way of Mass LBP on July 6, 2020 be received. 2. That the members of the Community Safety and Well-being Plan Committee contact Chief Greenwood and A. Way to identify initiatives that they would like to support or co-lead to continue to support the development of the plan.recommended for consideration of adoption (Section "B")  Action details Not available
20-G-164 1  Staff Report - GCFREE TRANSIT FOR BARRIE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS That Staff Report TPS005-20 concerning Free Transit for Barrie High School Students be received for information purposes. (TPS005-20) (File: T00)recommended for consideration of adoption (Section "B")  Action details Not available
20-G-165 1  Presentation - GCPRESENTATION BY THE TRANSIT AND PARKING STRATEGY DEPARTMENT CONCERNING THE BARRIE PARKING STRATEGY Tessa Williams, Business Services Analysis of the Transit and Parking Strategy (TPS) Department concerning the development of the Barrie Parking Strategy. Ms. Williams discussed slides concerning the following topics: · An overview on the approach to the Barrie Parking Strategy project; · The core function of parking is providing access to opportunities such as activities and businesses; · The wide range of stakeholders taken into consideration in making decisions about parking; · The guiding principles, financial sustainability, transportation diversification, downtown enrichment and continuous improvement; · A summary of the community engagement process to develop stakeholder and public initiatives; · The key findings for Downtown Barrie, and the Waterfront associated to the parking issues and opportunities; · The future of parking in Barrie including new technologies, Waterfront and Wayfinding Master Plans, investments in Enforcement, and regular updates to the Parkirecommended for receipt (Section "C")  Action details Not available
20-G-166 3  Staff Report - GCSOLE SOURCE AGREEMENT WITH CORNERSTONE TO RECOVERY RESIDENTIAL - CLOTHING BINS LOCATIONS 1. That Cornerstone To Recovery Residential’s proposed Women’s Residential Treatment Centre to be in the City of Barrie, be endorsed as it will serve as an important component in the battle against opioids. 2. That staff in Corporate Facilities and Business Performance and Environmental Sustainability Departments enter into a sole source agreement for a period of two years with an option to renew for an additional two years with Cornerstone To Recovery Residential to place clothing bins at City Facilities or at mutually agreed upon locations on public lands as well as curbside collection opportunities for the sole purpose of funding their residential recovery services and that staff report back to the Finance and Corporate Services Committee prior to consideration of the two year renewal with program metrics developed in consultation with Cornerstone To Recovery. 3. That staff in the Development Services Department initiate a temporary use by-law to allow textile bins dedicated to the Cornrecommended for adoption (Section "D")  Action details Not available
20-G-167 2  Staff Report - GCSANDBOX - CAPITAL FUNDING REQUEST AMENDMENT #1 Moved by: Councillor, G. Harvey Seconded by: Councillor, R. Thomson That Section “E” of the General Committee Report dated October 19, 2020, be amended in paragraph 3 by deleting the amount of $45,000 and replacing it with $35,000. CARRIED Upon the question of the original motion moved by Deputy Mayor, B. Ward and seconded by Councillor, R. Thomson, the motion was CARRIED AS AMENDED BY AMENDMENT #1.recommended for adoption (Section "E")  Action details Not available
20-G-168 2  Staff Report - GC2020 PARKING STRATEGY 1. That the 2020 Parking Strategy attached as Appendix “A” to Staff Report TPS006-20 be approved in principle as the guiding document to 2041. 2. That the capital budget requests listed below be approved and funded from the Parking Rate Reserve in order to advance the goals of the Parking Strategy: a) Spillover Signage ($66,000): To enable enforcement of new parking controls, signs will need to be manufactured and installed throughout the periphery of the Downtown, Waterfront and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, to an upset limit of $66,000; and b) Parking Hardware (RP1163): Increase existing budget from $40,000 to $90,750 to support the ongoing upgrade of single-space metres to pay stations. 3. That Traffic By-law 80-138 be repealed and replaced with the draft Traffic By-law attached as Appendix “B” to Staff Report TPS006-20 in order to implement the amendments summarized below, to be effective January 1, 2021, unless otherwise stated and that during the transition period Traffic By-law 80-138 shall remain in effect: a) Allow vehicles wirecommended for adoption (Section "F")  Action details Not available
20-G-169 1  Recommendation - AC/RCCORRESPONDENCE FROM THE CIRCULATION LIST DATED OCTOBER 19, 2020 REGARDING A REQUEST TO EXTEND THE PATIO SEASON UNTIL NOVEMBER 30, 2020 That the correspondence from the Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery on behalf of the restaurant stakeholders in the Downtown BIA dated October 14, 2020 regarding a request to extend the patio season until November 30, 2020 be referred to staff to review the feasibility of extending patio season and report back by way of a memorandum and that businesses be permitted to continue to operate their patios pending the staff review.recommended for adoption (Section "G")  Action details Not available
20-G-170 1  Recommendation - AC/RCMEMORANDUM FROM M. BROWN, INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAM ENGINEER DATED OCTOBER 19, 2020 REGARDING THE PAVEMENT MANAGEMENT UPDATE That the Memorandum from M. Brown, Infrastructure Program Engineer dated October 19, 2020 regarding the Pavement Management Update, be referred to the City Building Committee for further consideration.recommended for adoption (Section "G")  Action details Not available
20-G-171 1  Staff Report - GCCONFIDENTIAL POTENTIAL LAND DISPOSITION MATTER - VESPRA AND VICTORIA STREETS That motion 20-G-171 of the General Committee Report dated October 19, 2020, being the confidential notes concerning the discussion of Staff Report LGL006-20, a confidential potential land disposition matter - Vespra and Victoria Streets, be received. (LGL006-20) (File: L17)recommended for receipt (Section "H")  Action details Not available
20-G-172 1  Staff Report - GCSURPLUS OF CITY OWNED PROPERTY - VESPRA STREET 1. That Vespra Street between Sanford Street and Innisfil Street remain established as a highway and not be closed for the purpose of enlarging the adjacent properties owned by The Corporation of the City of Barrie (the "City") previously declared surplus by motion 19-G-115 (the "Surplus Properties") shown on Appendix "A" to Staff Report LGL006-20. 2. That upon completion of the remaining environmental studies, staff in the Legal Services Department retain the services of a Real Estate Brokerage (the "Brokerage"), to market the Surplus Properties by listing them for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (the "MLS") for a minimum 30 day period prior to receiving offers. 3. That the marketing package completed by the Brokerage indicate that it is the City's preference for the Surplus Properties to be sold to a purchaser who intends on constructing an affordable housing build but not a requirement that would preclude other reasonable offers from being considered. 4. That any Agreement of Purchase and Sale received within a two-week perrecommended for adoption (Section "I")  Action details Not available